Rainbow’s SeungA transforms into a madwoman for ‘The Dramatic’



August 13, 2013 @ 5:01 am

Rainbow‘s SeungA turned into a madwoman for the upcoming episode of MBC‘s idol music drama ‘The Dramatic.’


‘The Dramatic’ allows viewers to listen to various hits as well as not-as-popular songs by inserting them throughout its story, and Rainbow starred in the second episode titled ‘Love Capsule’.


One day, Rainbow’s Yoonhye, who runs a pension on her own, comes across a mysterious medicine ‘love capsule.’ The pill allows the person to transform into anyone they desire for 12 hours. Interested in the guy who is staying at the pension, Yoonhye tries the capsule to turn into a foxy Hyunyoung, sexy warrior Jaekyung, and modern day Chosun lady Jisook.


Although SeungA didn’t have many lines, she took on the role as a character who make the viewers curious with each of her expressions. The rest of her members laughed as they said, “SeungA is taking on a role that’s the most similar to her real personality so far.”


Check out the full episode on August 16 KST!


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